Missing School…

A spin-off at the dead of the night. Maybe I don’t care.
As I stood brushing my teeth in front of the mirror right now, I glanced at my face: my slightly puffy eyes and I thought, ‘I wouldn’t have been up this late if I had school to attend the next day.’
The arrival of freedom dawned sweetly followed just a second later by something else- sadness. The end of one life, traded off for another different world. But traded off, no doubt. And nobody asked for permission before tossing us from one milestone to another, different one.
Strangely the first thing I thought of was homework. I thought of a blank page of a notebook: ruled blue and containing a narrow red margin; fresh and crisp. I saw my hand fly over it as I penned answers, drew diagrams or followed instructions; attending to questions that seemed pointless or overrated.
I imagined myself with my friends at lunch breaks, imagined filling my days with talks of teachers, of the school bell and the mixed emotions that accompanied a shuffling between periods. Hating the double periods, loving some classes for just being there. Sometimes, I admit, sitting on the last bench of my row in a frequently rotated arrangement, I would take the privilege of passing notes. It didn’t feel wrong, only felt like something ‘a lot of students did the world over.’
I’ll miss the anticipation of getting a good remark in a teacher’s flaring red pen, I’ll miss the sense of belonging in the diversity, in the crowd of a classroom full of others who were just like you: slightly curious, sometimes driven but often just looking for a good time and a friend to understand them.
The grown-up world is intriguing, I’m sure and just as scary but more than anything else, it is lonely and thus frightening. Gone is the standing up together to face a teacher without admitting who, in particular ‘did it’ and gone as well are the long, whispered and almost hopeful voices that would say, before a test, ‘Did you study much? I practically know nothing!’
Oh well.


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