I just saw this road-movie on TV; it was a bit slow but very thought-provoking. You know how, there are people around you sometimes and you really admire them and would give anything to be like them? Maybe you feel they keep getting lucky or maybe it’s the way they respond to the things around them and then you feel, is this like, God at work? Because they might be as imperfect as you are but they turn the imperfection around and make it work for them in a way that is uniquely their own, whereas you struggle to ‘fit in’, as a consequence of which, you may not always listen to your heart. But some people always do!

Well the character Joline in the movie…pretty, wide-eyed and ready to face everything in the world all alone is just like that. She says, ‘I read somewhere, the reason most relationships break down is that each partner is waiting for the other to fix it. But if you want somebody to stand by you always, you have to be willing to do the same for them, even when they’re acting like an idiot.’ And unlike most people, she practices what she preaches. So when Joline’s husband leaves New York and moves over to Texas because he needs to do some soul-searching, she packs up her stuff, encashes everything in her bank account and starts off in her car to find him, traveling through the desert. Joline is not exactly what you would call practical…she is just a believer of the sort that I have always admired. She combs through the countryside until she finds her husband working as a food photographer for a local paper and at the same time having an affair with a young girl who works as a waitress in a restaurant. For a brief instance, Joline imagines chopping her husband Carl up with her karate skills but she then thinks, ‘what good does violence ever do?’

Instead she ends up befriending her husband’s mistress Carmen. Then she finds that Carmen’s admirer T-Bo is out to harm her husband Carl and she sets out to protect him. She befriends Neal, who his her husband’s new neighbor and who fancies her. When Carl finally discovers her there, he orders her out of his life saying she’s bad luck for him and that all the good things she’s always wanted keep deflecting from him towards her. So Joline decides that her husband Carl is in a ‘spiritual coma’ (earlier she had claimed he was in a ‘spiritual wheelchair’) and she begins to perform a series of complicated rituals to cure him, all the while camping off her car in a field beyond his house until he calls the police and has her sent to a psychiatrist.

Now rational ‘non-believers’ would scorn a person like Joline and put her into jail and anyone looking at her from the outside would consent to it, but the movie turns the irony around: Is Joline mad? Is it madness to have faith in a person? To give them space? To want to protect them for as long as you can? Is it madness to want to be there for them, even when they no longer want to be there for you? Is it madness to believe firmly and undauntedly in the vows of marriage and in working through ways to exist with the person who broke your heart, to give him a second chance? So then Joline does some soul searching of her own, and her world will never crumble down because she never knew what it was like to feel hopelessly devastated because she has never been without hope.

If you stand your ground against whatever life doles out at you and you remain the person you wanted to be through it all, that then is real strength. It doesn’t matter what the world at large thinks of you as long as you know what you think of yourself. It doesn’t matter if you fall from grace as far as they are concerned as long as you don’t fall in your own eyes. And to that effect, the joke is not on you. The joke is on them, those who pull you back when you struggle to rise (for the herd will always attempt to bring you back to their level if it sees you growing wings).The joke is on them because you see more than they do and they will be in the darkness, but not you.

Well those are the kind of people I find myself admiring: because the line between sanity and insanity is really thin and if you’re different, you’re not crazy…you’re just closer to your God, whoever or whatever He might be…you’re just committed to your own life, no one else has your reins.


Romantic Movies

Since I’m so fond of romantic movies and i watch them whenever i can (and also considering that my last list was well received ^_^ which was a surprise), I decided to share some of my sweet (and mostly recent, because i don’t tend to remember movies from a long time back, unfortunately) movie experiences. Now please bear in mind that these movies may have nothing to recommend them except for the fact that they happened to be coming on TV at a convenient hour (usually afternoons) and so I happened to watch them. Oh, and also, I haven’t included Titanic here though I do happen to like it (and I am bored of bullets). Well, nevertheless:

One of the cutest movies I have ever seen (and i recommend it to everyone) has been You’ve Got Mail. Now when you consider its cast; Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, you really can’t stop yourself from watching it. But the story line is incredibly cute as well: Two email penpals, who are rivals in real life form a deep connection over the internet without even knowing of one another’s identity. The story involves a rather warm and cosy bookstore owned by Meg’s character Kathleen Kelly. The movie’s tagline is: ‘Someone you pass on the street may already be the love of your life’. Its plausible, right? Miracles happen

Wicker Park is the next movie on my list: I saw it two years ago and have seen it many times since and I never bore of watching it because of the powerful performances given by its cast: Josh Hartnett as Matt and Rose Byrne as Alex especially. The movie is a semi-psychological-drama-cum-romance and is dark and very intense. the best thing about it is the way in which it has been made: it has an intricately-woven timeline that moves back and forth, revealing bits of the nature of each character (especially Alex) slowly. The best scene of the movie is the very last one at the airport where The Scientist (Coldplay) plays in the background and Matt slowly sinks to the floor besides Lisa, having finally found her.

Next is 27 Dresses, starring Katherine Heigl. The movie is not exceptional in any way, but it is pleasant, refreshing and quite watchable. Jane is a selfless, concerned, sincere girl who acts as a matchmaker and wedding planner to her friends, secretly loves her boss, has brought up her younger sister (for their mum died when they were very young) and been a bridesmaid twenty seven times (and for keepsakes, she possesses her 27 hideous bridesmaid dresses). Then along comes her pretty, conceited sister Tess and her boss falls in love with her. So Jane’s life is going to hell but she meets Kevin, a journalist who is (lovely) a very considerate and sweet person and slowly helps her realise that she has to give importance to herself to. So its a (funny) journey of self-discovery, betrayal and subsequent repenting (of course), not to forget the romance. 🙂

The Holiday was a beautiful movie starring Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Jack Black. The story goes like this: Iris (Kate Winslet) is de-pressed becaus she’s been in love with a man forever and he doesn’t love her back but he uses her and she is unable to escape. Amanda (Cameron Diaz)on the other hand, is a strong-wiled succesful businesswoman who NEVER cries, no matter what. So these to meet over the internet and decide to swap homes (across the ocean, that is coz Amanda’s in L.A. and Iris in Surrey). The story then revolves around their growth and maturit: Iris befriends a movie composer (Jack) and a screenwriter wheras Amanda meets Iris’s brother Graham (Jude) who is a single daddy to two beautiful daughters. The two best scenes in the movie are: One: when Amanda, Jude and his two daughters lie silently under this prety white tent and feel like a family, and two: when Amanda finally realises she can cry again and with it she discovers she is in love and she comes running back through the snow-covered countryside, slipping and sliding. Both Cameron Diaz and Jude Law looked stunning against the backdrop of the charming English countryside!

Serendipity: Besides being an interesting word in itself ([ser-uhn-dip-i-tee] –noun 1. good fortune; luck), the movie, though a bit far-fetched (one meeting on a magical Christmas-sy night and you fall in love and then return to your life and keep waiting for fate to re-unite you which, incredibly, it does!) was cute and why would a girl not watch it? Starring John Cusack (cute) and Kate Beckinsale (pretty), atleast it was worth the watch and it did have its revealing moments!

The Nanny Diaries: I don’t think this movie was exactly a romantic movie but it was so adorable nonetheless. Starring Scarlett Johanson, as an unsure college graduate, the movie revolves around her as she takes up the job of a nanny to a little boy in a rich but broken home. Here she has to deal with the ever-absent parents, a blooming romance of her own, the poor little kid’s growing affections towards the only stable thing in his life; her and her inability to let go of him who has no one else to help him tide through (for his father is unfaithful and his mother is obsessed about putting up an image for the world), but the nanny in her finally sets things right!
And then there is, of course Hitch. Starring Will Smith, Eva Mendes, Kevin James and Amber Valletta. In Hitch, Will Smith plays a “date doctor” who believes (and i love this) that “any man, any time, has a chance to sweep a woman off her feet. He just needs the right kinda broom”. However, date doctor Hitch has his own messed up life to deal with, not to mention his latest client who is fat and impossible but trying to woe over the prettiest girl in the city with hilarious consequences. One of the best modern rom-coms.
I’m going to add to this list, one of the most beautiful movies i have seen in recent times: P.S. I Love You. Staring Hilary Swank and Gerald Butler; this mpvie somewhat reminds me of Eric Seagal’s Love Story because it is a tragedy where love is young love is separated by death. But this movie is not all moppy and heartbreaking…it is heart-warming and funny and sad at the same time. In places it makes you cry but all in all, it make you believe in love and also in life beyond love…