TO Become An Engineer… :P

Surat is unkind to me. The city, which looks like mini-Ahmedabad from the railway station to SVNIT, was determined to show me its worst side: constant rain had created ample amount of slush at the railway station so that, as I lugged my bag and baggage through it, my jeans sweeping mud, I felt my heart sink. But I was excited, despite the ruts in the road and the layout of the city, which reminded me of Chandkheda gone wrong (if that’s possible!).

Even when I entered my new college and saw the canopied buildings and the mossy roads, I was like, ‘Okay so this is another Nazira of sorts. Well and good, I’ll live’ and the same throughout the admission process.

I admit my heart first sank when I entered the hostel. My room is ‘fine’ and that’s all I’ll say. I’m better off than a lot of girls and I won’t go into the details of why waking up fills me with dread each morning! For the second time, my heart sank when I entered the CRC. Its funny when you think about it from the comfort of your own home but I’m afraid the building’s gonna collapse over our heads one of these days, let alone the dusty floors, the chipped desks and the rather interesting window frame, which seems to be dangling at a precarious angle. Haha.

By the time I was through my second day, I admit I was missing JUIT to hell (not to mention being mocked at by my new friends there, obviously furious with my sudden and abrupt departure from their lives) and texting furiously from my still-on-roaming phone, in hope of a little respite.

As if that was not enough, I had to slip on my way down the stairs (there, now everyone knows) and catch the most horrible cold I could possibly have had. Party, right?

What was funny was the speed and desperation with which my friend and I boarded the train back home come Thursday evening. But even then, Surat wouldn’t let me leave without resisting. My train got delayed by two (yes, TWO) hours so that I didn’t get to climb into my blessed, warm, broad, soft bed at home until two am in the morning.

Oh well, I’m a sort of an optimist in theory…practicals will need more rehearsal definitely and I’m not sure how I’ll drag myself back on Sunday (thank you dear lord, for creating Saumya Dimri).

But because I am an extremely liberal person and extremely thankful to have gotten into an NIT in the first place, I’ll give my college another chance to grow on me. I suppose it must, despite the half-broken CRO and the old and ugly Cochran boiler (what sights! I swear I haven’t even set foot into the chemical department yet and I was hoping I would get to do some titrations…chemistry will come as a relief), be an amazing place, all things considered. Perhaps I should get hold of some engineering books to bury  my nose into. After all, what charm does a Nora Robert or Elizabeth Bradford novel hold in front of our amazing engineering authors (I haven’t bothered to memorize their names yet but I can read them off my list if you like)? All in all I’m gonna make an amazing engineer with my attitude. Oh well, atleast I’m getting ahead with satirical writing. Please comment on my humour, if nothing else.

And hence I conclude my most “personal” post here to date. Cheers to SVNIT 😛 😛