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Ten Resolutions (?)

In keeping with the number ten, here are my ten resolutions for the coming New Year (lol joke):

1)      I will learn one new language or a new instrument this year. It has been my dream forever and I know I put my dreams on hold so as to let laziness or procrastination take over but that is not going to do me any good, which brings us to:

2)      I will NOT be so lazy. Lesser sleep, more hours of productivity and I’ll hopefully be closer to the person I always dream of becoming but haven’t put any real efforts into creating yet.

3)      I will do better in my second semester at college. Yes, I let things be these past few months. I had reasons but they’ll sound like excuses after a while and I have got to STOP with the excuses right NOW.

4)      I will stop complaining about having to do B.Tech coz it is a choice already made and I must be grateful for where I am and how. Not everyone gets as good a shot as it as I have and it is time to look forward and not backwards.

5)      I will start plotting out my novel. It can do with some serious thinking and day-dreaming and of course, if you have ANY suggestions whatsoever, feel free to get in touch with me.

6)      I will TRY (try try try) to slim down. This means more control over my diet. Yeah, just that basically. P:

7)      I will learn to spend more time around people than around technology and paper. Of course this resolution has terms and conditions applied upon it because with most people I feel like I am wasting my time. Ouch this is not meant to be insulting but I would rather spend my time doing some soul searching of my own than spend it with people, trying to extract the good stuff (not non-existent but…shall we say rare to separate out???) out of them.

8)      I will start planning out a future for myself. A future beyond graduation, which is where I should be looking now and starting this year too.

9)      I will try to stop being such a big, big mess. Doesn’t need expansion or explanation; you won’t find a bigger mess for miles and miles around or so I sincerely believe.

10)   I will try to be think more for myself than for others because all this is not really getting a girl anywhere. Maybe in utopia but definitely not on planet earth.


5 thoughts on “Ten Resolutions (?)

  1. just a couple of comments/thoughts on your resolutions

    2) lazy is one thing, but it’s important to remember not to shortchange yourself sleep in exchange for “meaningful activity”. There comes a point of diminishing returns where lack of sleep makes you less effective and can make you sick, so more sleep can actually lead to getting more things done.

    5)If you’re thinking about writing a novel, check out NaNoWriMo online in November.Will teach you amzing things about yourself and kick that novel into gear.Can’t wait? Try thr book “No Plot-No Problem” by Chris Baty

    7)I agree that soul searching is important, but you can learn a lot about yourself and the world from other people’s experiences as well. Most people have more good in them than you sound like you think; andeven though most folks aren’t perfect,each of them has somethingunique that they bring to the party of life that no one else can.

    Good luck with your resolutions. I hope that you have a great year!


  2. Thank you Catherine…yes that is why resolution 7 is here. Because i need to get out of my little private world and see the bigger picture.I’ll keep your comments in mind. Great year to you too! 🙂

  3. Hey snighda..really wesum resolutions but very importnt nd difficult to abide by them..ive been thru this quite a lot u knw..nywy i cud relate to the 2nd,,3rd,,4th nd 7th ressolutionss of urs..essp 4th bcoz even i crib many times bout nt wntng to go fr b-tech nd still doing it..nt realizing dat itss me nd onli me who has chosen dis path fr myself nd hence my sole responsibility to do well in it..i cn relte to the 7th resslution but in the repelling manner to in i need to spend time wid paper(college buks ofcorse!!) nd technology(fter all my brnch is comp sci)..nd do posst more f such articles poems nd stuff..sso dat i cn cmment nd discuss our cmmon interests..keep up the gud work..

  4. Thanks

    I find that it’s easier to work on resolutions if I post them where I can see them (by my bathroom mirror works good), review them daily and try to set up my enevironment so it supports me actually doing something about them


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