Grace #1

The strength that defines the path of love is a voice from another world. It is a power stroke fuelled by the ignition of a realization: an abstraction can be the love of your life. You can hold on to it forever, it may not matter if your guiding light is true or not, all that matters is that you are letting something grip you. You are surrendering your fear to something else. You are surrendering your being to something outside your control. You are creating an air of helplessness around you. You are saying, ‘I am invincible because I know that I am breakable but I am going to cave in anyway’.

It is okay to be defined by fear. It is okay to seek the periphery of your dream world and swirl in the agony of knowing that real life is different from the movie you are watching.

Sometimes when I let my imagination grip me, I become fifteen again because I lose my sense of direction. I drown in you, knowing that I never really can but it doesn’t stop me from letting the moment grip me.

As I have discovered, it is the moment that matters and not the loneliness, nor the future.

‘Men. They Will Never Change.’


She was yelling, ‘I love you’

That night from the tower

You flew by in a fast car and never looked back

You took a piece of her and never gave it back

I told her, ‘men. They will never change’

She said you were different, she said love had made you

I told her she was wrong

And I longed for her to be right

And I stayed up with her, all through that night

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