‘Men. They Will Never Change.’


She was yelling, ‘I love you’

That night from the tower

You flew by in a fast car and never looked back

You took a piece of her and never gave it back

I told her, ‘men. They will never change’

She said you were different, she said love had made you

I told her she was wrong

And I longed for her to be right

And I stayed up with her, all through that night


When she said, ‘I’ll wait’

You smiled and knew she meant it

But under the stars, later that very day

You broke the vow you should have kept


Today she says, ‘men. They will never change’

I tell her she’ll come around, one day she will believe

She doesn’t trust in the stories anymore

And if truth be told-

I comfort her every night

But neither do I


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