The season of the king of all fruits has descended upon us once again. Soon enough, vegetable vendors will be wheeling cartloads of the royal fruit down our roads and every family in our country will be enjoying the different flavours of the world’s finest, juiciest fruit.

I had my first mango of the season today. It wasn’t ripe (coz my roommate and I couldn’t wait for it to ripen) but it smelled right and invoked the best memories. One juicy bite in and I was sort of jumping in my room, feeling all ”summery” (as I said to my roomie) and relating childhood memories: coming home from school on a sultry summer afternoon, shedding my clothes and eaten mangoes dressed in nothing but a light white cotton tunic, our family’s occasional ‘mango meals’ when my dad would place a bucketful of the fruit in the cente of the room for us to dip into, mangoes at my cousin’s place after an eventful evening of playing in the streets, mango shakes, mango juice.

And now those times have passed us by; eating mangoes is not such a divine experience anymore but the smell and taste of it will forever and always take me way down memory lane to my childhood, when mango was such an essential part of my summer life. Enjoy your mangoes everybody! ((:


List of Things for the Summer

I’m bad with lists. Horrible, in fact. I never manage to do one half the things I set out to. Nevertheless, here’s my list for the coming summer:

1. Go swimming! I don’t remember the last time I swam but it was more than six years ago, that’s for sure. Yes that long ago. I really want to swim because I haven’t been able to get that exhilarating, addictive emotion out of my head. The delicious feeling you get when you’re entering blue pool water, the first contact with the cool water surface and then moving further into the water slowly ( I never dived), feeling like a water baby. Lying on your back, simply floating on water. And then my best memory yet…swimming in the rain. Nothing in the world can beat that! Yes I really wanna swim this summer

2. Get working on my novel. I really should start now. This was a New Year’s resolution and it will surely be June before I start. I am having a hard time searching for any kind of inspiration, which is not a good thing. I never used to suffer writer’s block for such long periods before but nowadays I find it almost impossible to write and then of course, there is the added problem of a great dearth of writing tools. Nonetheless, I need to work on this too.

3. I have had my copy of Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis lying about me forever; I got through a bit of it once but have always suffered from either lack of time or lack of motivation. So I am going to work on it too this summer.

4. I wanna learn sketching properly. It is another half-deserted childhood hobby of mine and the problem with me is that I can imagine scenes very well in my head but transferring them onto paper in any form becomes a next to impossible feat.  I want to somehow be able to do that.