Staring at the last embers of the dying fire

He saw the light in her eyes shine through there

But when he reached out to understand that desire

He couldn’t; because he couldn’t dare


Moving up and down that path was easy

But choosing one way to go was not

And all their mistakes made him feel so queasy

But he knew they’d been his last shot


He sank to his knees, in the end undefeated

Or so he presumed until the fog cleared away

And his last disappointment was the way they were treated

But when asked he was left with nothing to say


In that last moment when he wondered what lay ahead

He planned and plotted how to fight against life

But once their love, like broken wounds bled

He knew his own thoughts were the sweet poisoned knife


On one hand he was quite prepared to lay

His smothered soul on the banks of surrender

On the other there was that price to pay

The love to unlove; to give up on her


He waited until he was sure he was right

But by then it was too late to contemplate

Because his goal was already far out of sight

And he sank alone; resigned to his fate


But that peace too was not to be granted

For existence doesn’t often provide such respite

The misery within was too deeply planted

For the dredge to actually put an end to the fight


So flitting past him were the images he had fled

Ever since he had been a small little boy

His mother’s last words through his mind sped

And throughout he’d been a puppet, somebody else’s mere toy.

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