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This Girl Who Loves Escape: ‘You Would Read Anything’

I’m sorry for the long delay between posts. I was holidaying
in one of India’s favourite Himalaya retreats and was enthralled by sights and
smells, not to mention overpowered with childhood memories but when I returned,
the enthusiasm was all gone and I became a lethargic mess. But right now I am
resurfacing. At least for the moment. Cheers to that thought!

Would I really read anything? Well if it is a story, yes. If it appeals to
my sense for sniffing out fiction, yes. I would read a good crime novel, a bad
attorney story, a romance, a murder mystery (thinking Agatha Christie still),
science fiction, historic fiction, philosophy, classics and of course…my very
favourite: fantasy. I also read bad family dramas (and I tend to classify the
only Sidney Sheldon I ever read here: The Master of the Game’ as well as the
only Danielle Steel, ‘Remembrance’ and also a host of other books I have tried
so hard to forget for they could only compare, rather prejudicially perhaps, to
Ekta Kapoor soaps in my eyes)

But my experiences with fiction and the occasional (very
rare) non-fiction does not stop me from venturing into new reader’s territory,
no matter how murky the source I will step into a bookstore every single time I
can and sometimes browse through the stacks for as long as time would permit. I
am well on my way, I’m sure, to becoming a stereotypical bookworm of a reader;
pushing my spectacles up my nose, a book in my hand almost all the time…whether
I am at the airport or at home.

I do not, as a rule, partake ebooks. I tried to read Dracula
(by Bram Stoker) that way but it was a fail, fail. I like to own books, preferably
smell them and read them over and over, returning to them whenever I am in dire
need of inspiration. For years, Anne frank’s Diary of a Young Girl was that
inspiration to me. Lately, the focus has shifted to Twilight (NOT for Edward
Cullen’s sake…and I am sorry for all the judgement doing the rounds on that
account, but because I admire Stephanie Meyer for the way she writes and the
magic those scenes create as they play in my head minus Robert Pattinson, of

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. So I would read almost anything
with an attractive book cover, case in point being that I picked up Waterland
(Graham Swift) for exactly that reason though I loved the book later on. Or an
old binding (books I used to pick up at my grandfather’s and all those other
old books from my mum’s childhood) or basically, anything with a story.

Why? Because I have discovered that I like escape a little
too much. Yes I cannot stop emphasizing this discovery. It is like I run away
from real people and into the arms of a book; other people’s problems, other
people’s lives, other people’s tragedies, their decisions, their confusion,
their danger…and mostly unreal. It is a little sad but there it is: my world of

I wonder what I will become say, thirty to forty years from
now. More importantly, where will I put all the books? 😮

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