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“We don’t read and write poetry because its cute. We read and write poetry
because we are members of the human race…and the human race is filled with
passion. Medicine, law, business, engineering…these are noble pursuits, and necessary to sustain life but poetry, beauty, romance, love…these are what we stay alive for.”

–From Dead Poet’s Society

Within the words and lyrics that fill our heart and make us sing, lie the truths of our lives. The truths we ignore as we walk through the corridors of time, our head held high with pleasure at accomplishments, and yet every day…every single day we are taking one step closer towards our own demise. And people wonder as they consider the literature that is a mandatory part of the school curriculum an obligatory burden, why they are being made to study the languages when they can’t wait to start figuring out the mechanisms of the world instead. The truth is, they do not know that as children they are so close to God and to faith and wonder and beauty, that there is nothing they miss yet. But when they will be old and wrinkled and falling backwards, they will sift through their lives and more than their work, more than all the moments they spent pouring over books filled with numbers, they will remember the real things…sensations and feelings and emotions. Getting wet in the rain, staying out all night, their first real kiss, losing their virginity, riding on a roller-coaster, that first time away from home, their marriagem the birth of their child, his first steps, his first words…those are the things that will matter. Not marks or certificates. But photographs and memories. And then their insides might jus tbe stirred by words they might have heard but not understood years back.

And hence we need poetry and music. We need them to release those blocked up sentiments that a person encounters during his childhood and then during his old age but not in all the important times between. We need that imprint upon us. For we might not pray everyday and we might forget to thank God for all the good things… We might miss all the signs and refuse to believe without proof but in every moment that we are moved and our heart is touched, we reach a state of ethereal beauty that allows us to value the counted heartbeats that we have been blessed with.


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