A Random Slice of Life :)

‘If what one finds is made of pure matter, it will never
spoil. And one can always come back, If what you had found was only a moment of
light, like the explosion of a star, you would find nothing on your return.’


I really loved this thought when I read it off the pages of
The Alchemist (long overdue, I know…I’d been meaning to read this book for so
very long). Besides this, I have been spending my unexpected mid-week break
watching a whole lot of Friends, sleeping my ass off (haha!), chatting with and
texting …ahem…someone and eating a lot (laawwt) of home-cooked food.

And then I went out for a movie today…having travelled
alone by the B.R.T.S across half the city. While coming back, however, the
buses had sort of stopped because there had been a big fatal bike accident
someplace /: and it was also raining. I got out of the bus (though I should’ve
stayed in) and trudged up the road since autos were refusing to drive through. A
little-ways down the road, I discovered the line of buses had begun to move. By
then I was deeply regretting my foolish decision to jump impatiently out of the
bus but I luckily managed to get an auto before the downpour got any harder.
Cheers to first time experiences!

My agenda for the rest of the week: finish reading The
Alchemist, sort through some of my old diaries (some recent conversations are
making my heart burn to reach out to those old memories again), maybe finish
watching Season four of Friends (I’ve already seen most episodes in a random
order of course, but it always helps to watch them in a row) and if time still
permits (which I sincerely hope it does): study! Cheerios and a happy weekend
everybody J


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