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Never A Word

She sat next to me on the bus

For the first time that breezy July evening

I thought she was a vision;

A fresh of breath air

I wanted to say hello, wanted to shake hands

But I was silent


And then we were friends

Spending lazy afternoons chatting about

Every single thing under the sun

Spending all those hours whispering

Secrets we had told no one


Two months after

And we were still talking on the phone

And she asked me if I was falling in love?

I was thinking of all those times

I should have said it anyway

But held back the words that were defining me


And I still held back

That moonlit night, when we were so close

And she was the most gorgeous sight

My eyes had ever seen

Our hands brushed against one another

And she looked at me from below her lashes

But I smiled back in silent contemplation



And then she was going away from me

Boarding a train one year later

And I still couldn’t wear my heart on my sleeve

She hugged me farewell

And deep inside I cried a silent goodbye

Those summer months came rushing back to me

And I stood still at the platform

Saw her struggling with her luggage

But never offered a helping hand

Never offered a single word


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