A Little About Girls :)

If you’re standing on that line between the girl who has everything she wants, who is able to exploit the fact that she is a girl to her advantage and has the longest line of guys falling one-over-another for her and the girl who likes the corners, she likes her life to be a slow, dreamy drama…then on both ends of the spectrum, at some point or another you are going to discover how paralyzed the world can make you.

If you’re in a crowded place, you will find guys trying to touch you up in places which make you sick to even think about being touched in. if you’re walking down the road and are in jeans and a tee, you can still feel the glares of that arrogant idiot who thinks he can own you if  the law of the land allowed. And if you’re wearing something that shows a little more of your skin, the number of eyes boring into you will double. When you’re in a shop and the salesman is showing you something, you can feel the way he looks at you. When you’re walking with your friends, you can see that gang of guys around the corner, checking you out. When you have to go to a party and you think you’re looking pretty as a princess, you have to think about it again because the moment you’re on the road and travelling, you will see how uncomfortable it gets. You can’t stay out alone until late then and you have to make sure you get home on time because if you stay out too late on the streets, you will probably be in danger.

The media these days is full of propaganda in support of guys. It is as if suddenly, every single guy out there is a victim. It is as if men are provoked, they are scared and their manhood is being questioned. If a guy breaks a girl’s heart, if a guy dates a handful of girls, his friends will applaud him. they will clap him on his back and carry him on their shoulders. But if a girl will do the same thing (and most often with stronger reasons), she will be subjected to a scrutinizing and painfully long statement of distrust by all guys out there.

Girls have a lot more to lose and a lot more to protect than any guy out there. We live in a world that has made heroes out of men and at the same time, buried the women who cry in silence more than half the time. We are beginning to emerge; the wheels have turned a little because girls have started to fight. It is a long battle and it is painful but we are proud of it but suddenly, it is turning into something else. Suddenly, the men are raising their voices. They want to be heard and sympathised with. They don’t and can’t understand the subtle masks a girl has to wear, just to be able to walk out that front door. They don’t understand her restraints and they definitely do not hear her silent protests. But when they hear her LOUD ones, it makes them indignant and bitter.

If you step aside to let a girl go in first, if you open a door for her and give her a smile, you’re being courteous. she will understand that you respect her. She will feel your smile. She won’t judge you. If you are her friend, she will be yours. If you trust her, she will trust you. If you hold out your hand and take it in yours, she will never let it go. If you give her the chance she deserves and needs, she will always remember it. She will always remember you. If you have faith in her, she will fight dragons with you.


2 thoughts on “A Little About Girls :)

  1. This post of yours just show your lack of self confidence,that you are afraid of the outside world,you are a wannabe loner.You get very easily influenced by media,films,stories etc.Your chauvinism is somewhat displayed too.Well,I cant do anything regarding this except giving my opinion on this in writing.

    The world aint that bad…

    1. Oh no. I am certainly not trying to present a generalization. The above article was intended to focus only upon a certain section of the urban men in my country. I personally happen to know quite a number of guys who are quite different from all that I have said above.
      As for being influenced by media, I have commented on a certain recent trend that I have observed. It focuses on making martyrs out of men; almost as though they have been subjected to great injustices. I am merely offering a counter-view.
      Your comment is appreciated. Thank you.

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