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Be the Ross to My Rachel

Be the silence to all the noise inside my head. Be the stability that guides my immaturity. Be the reason to all my flights. Be the one to clip my wings.

When I’m in a new place and I don’t know where to go, call me up and let me know. When I am supposed to travel, be my travel guide. When I am struggling with the questions of my career, let me know what plunge to take.

If I start to drift away from you, pull me back gently. If I need space, let me have it. If I am inappropriate, sense the reasons. If I wallow in self-pity, talk me out of it. When I need to be with you, give me a hug. When I am quiet and crying, don’t laugh about it. When I say something ridiculously uninformed, teach me.

If I have irrational fears, show me why I shouldn’t believe in them. If I am being silly, hold my hand. If I am being stupid, tell me. When I brood, leave me alone for a little while. If what I need is space to grow and learn, give it to me. If what I need is a little sympathy, albeit absurd, provide it. When I need my friends, let me seek them out.

If I don’t know how to live, teach me. If I can’t stay alone, stand by me. Be consistent when I am not, be omnipresent when I come back. Let me count on you as a pillow. Let me think of you as forever. Let me be the one to listen to your secrets, your fears, your hopes, your needs. Be my friend. But be more too.


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