The Ebb


If I have to know you, I need to know you

Every second of every day

I need to feel you like the evening breeze

And I need to understand you heartbeat for heartbeat.


There is a desire deep inside me

To run away to some other world

To stop moving in these big circles

To understand love as love should be


If I didn’t want to feel you, I wouldn’t live

Another second of another day

And there is no exit on this road ablaze

But I don’t want to walk alone anymore


There is a storm deep inside me

Wanting to burst out into a thousand colours

Wishing to paint away all the blandness

But the depth of your arms it would be still


If I were a rebel, I would forget you

In that new moment of a new day

But my depths understand only one passion, one trust

And everything else plays in a miserable note


There is darkness deep inside me

And I don’t want anyone else to clear it

Ever promise I make is real

Every tear I would cry would spell your name


If I wanted to stay away, I would have gone

In those first hours of our first dates

But I believed in more, I believed in reasons

And I was looking for the kind of happiness you could bring


There is an ocean of fortitude in my eyes

I have desires to be absolutely clear

I have signed a death-willed pact with God

I have been thankful for every little instance


If I wanted to flash my heart, I would have destroyed it

If I desired to give up I wouldn’t be here

I’ve told you I did not play any hide-and-seek

Your assurances make me strong but I will need you more now


There is a silence inside my heart

A still place where this tenderness does not ebb

That melting fountain of emotion does not have anything to say

And this place is ethereal

But it wants you

It needs the exquisiteness to last

It does not want to fight

It does not want to seek

It would have nowhere else to go

It would explode in self-derision


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