Song of the Week : Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

It has been a while since I have posted. This song makes me happy and sad at the same time.

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And So…

If you’ve fallen in love, be true to it. If you’ve made a promise, keep it. If you say, ‘despite your shortcomings’ then stand by through thick and thin. If it is hard, fight it. If it is important, adore it. If you say, ‘always’, see it through. If you trust, trust blindly. If it is real, it won’t make a fool out of you. If it is worth it, it will seek you out. If you adore, say so. If you understand, stand by. If you appreciate, smile. If you care…do all the little and big things you can. In the end what matters is how you worked with each other to make things turn good, not how you fought and things you turned bitter over. What will matter years down the line will be the good stuff. It is what will keep you strong and going. So if you’re devoting time and patience and energy to ‘love’ expect only good things back from it. The returns are ten-fold. 🙂