That’s All I Want

When I dumped my bag…

And sat opposite you and stared out of the window

I knew just then how much I had missed you

These past few days


And when you touched me

And you kissed me

Something imploded from between our skins

Like friction, only hotter and faster

I looked at the moonlit night

At all those fast moving pinpoints of light

I looked in silence, feeling you



But I have only revealed all of me; everything.

It makes sense to put my arms around you

To leave myself in your hands completely

To hold you, to love you, feel you, understand you

That’s all I want

Love · Poems

My whole world starts

My whole world starts at where you said ‘I love you’

And I never dreamed of heaven before you stopped besides me on that floor

This place never lied to me about you.

And I hear people talk

But I just don’t care inside of me

Because when your  hand is in mine I feel safe and complete


My whole world starts at where you said ‘I love you’

Even when we’re fighting, you’re still crazy about me

I never let these words out but you’re always there to guide me through

I can’t be sure what would please you but we’re still smiling

And I see nothing impure about this love

Just the things you define; they make me fall even more in love


My whole world starts at where you said ‘I love you’

I’d thought you wouldn’t stay to dance with me

But you grabbed my hand and started the entire waltz

I was staring at the ground, a little smile on my lips

And you still thought I was beautiful

So that’s all I think about each night before bed

Knowing you has become a part of me.