A Little Bit of This and That

Well. I must admit there have been moments when I have wanted to return to this blog and WRITE but I have been somewhat stuck. I usually stop at the question, ‘What do I write?’ because you see, I seem to find it hard to believe sometimes that I could end up having anything worthwhile to say. And it is strange because when I was younger, I couldn’t stop writing. Stories poured out of me and I wasn’t afraid to let them out on paper and everyone would say, ‘someday you will be a great author’ and I KNEW it deep inside me that I would. I still feel I can. I am  just, as my mom puts it, ‘distracted by the cobwebs that are collecting in my head’.

No I am not rusting, I am merely suffering from the pains that come from being the kind of over-sensitive person that I am. Well I try to block all the negative thoughts about myself and revel in the belief that God does fix everything. In the meantime, I have decided I might as well do some blogging in the meantime (when  I can; when I am emotionally emancipated that is).

So I made this today:

Of course it didn’t look as pretty as it does here but I was in the mood to make something different (for a reason P: ) and so I browsed through some recipes on BBC and finally decided to make this ‘banana loaf’.

And now that I no longer have Facebook, I actually spend my net time browsing through other interesting (sometimes informative things). For example I had a one-day paranormal activity phase in which I spent time sifting through odd photographs and news; some well-known and others obscure…including the Charlie Chaplin time traveller. During another phase I went through a number of quizzes, some absurd and others informative, including geography quizzes where I tried to name all 50 of the USA states with pitiful scores. But then, I do think I may have learnt something out of it.

Today I was looking over some DIY clothes and fervently wishing I could sew some of the things I saw, including the ‘T-shirt skirt’ and the ‘pillowcase tank top’ (I love pretty clothes).


. For this summer, I am planning to learn guitar (which was my birthday gift; a beautiful beginner’s acoustic that I love) and also French. Hopefully I will be able to convert these two urges into something more concrete as summer draws closer.


I watched all of The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother, right up to the latest episodes. The latter is being a bit of a drag (though I liked the episode in which Ted and Robin sort of talk through their issues and Robin moves out and in the end when Lily says, ‘For Ted’s sake, pay up’, Marshall replies, ‘not yet’ with a rather knowing smile) but the former is entertaining to the core, especially the episode in which Raj flirts with Siri. Nothing beats Friends however, as I know I can watch it a hundred times (and I must be close 😮 ) without getting bored no matter which episode it is. I also watched some Arrested Development, another nice show which I didn’t like at all in the beginning but grew to enjoy. I like Lindsay and Maeby and Michael and George Michael and Tobias. The other characters still do bore me a bit sometimes

I finished reading Ayn Rand’s We The Living a little while back. It was more of a story than the bestsellers she later wrote. But also, it does little to further her philosophies. Mostly it just gives the groundwork for objectivism and focuses on how the protagonist, Kira only wanted to live and love and derived her greatest happiness from these tasks but the people she cared about fell victim to the collectivism of society; to obligations and protocols and ‘moral duties’ until all she was left with was a vision: the vision of a place (her utopia) where people lived as they should- for themselves and for the sake of their own life alone.

Now I purchased The Lord of The Rings and I have started reading it again. I read up all the background information and the preface and the foreword and have now started on book 1 of the Fellowship of the Rings. I am thinking rather fondly about Strider (Aragorn) but I read the books when I was 11 or 12 and its good to be reading it again.

And oh look, apparently it turns out I did have plenty to write about. Well, until next time.


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