With No Tears and No Goodbyes

You touch my skin with your lips
The burning fire alights me
I feel so unbelievably in love with you
I feel like singing from the mountaintops;
Shouting– there’s nobody who can separate us
Nobody to put distance between us
I would fight monsters for you
I would walk all night through a deep, dark forest
I would cry rivers of tears- enough to make a desert shy
I would stare at every sunset and see the colours change
And see you in every hue; in every cloud
In every bird returning home.

I would think of your hands, your teasing eyes, your chsnging moods’And think of you burying your head in my arms
When you feel the whole world resides there
I would sleep dreamlessly, knowing you are safely tucked
Deep in the recesses of my heart
And I would sleep with dreams
With your arm in mine, exploring places;
A dark boat over a river like a snake
A beautiful bridge covered with leaves of autumn
A high road under the summer sun
A mountaintop far away, covered with snow
With its distance chill keeping us closely warm together
And all the rest of the places we have got to explore one day
Until then I will wait, fearlessly
With your voice for company, with our memories keeping us tender
I will wait…
Until we can find a place in this world
And be where we want to be
And hold hands and walk the rest of the way
With no tears and no goodbyes


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