Everything’s on Fire

The stars are shining bright,

The sun is gone…all you see is a small moon

Your heart is singing songs of gladness

Filled with an ancient inspiration; powering you from another world

A world long gone and there is hope and joy inside

But don’t look around too well

Don’t open your eyes too big and round

You’ll see everything’s on fire


You feel the world is a meadow;

You feel its stretched long and far ahead

And you can see a long thin road leading on

You believe love and victory awaits

But be careful now; tread slow

Because if you look well and hard; you will see everything’s on fire


You see genuine smiles and shining eyes

You see perfect kisses and tearful goodbyes

With promises that last for eternity

You see wonderment and you’re amazed

But harden your soft heart for it will not heal

If it breaks, if it sees

That everything’s on fire


Your happiness is boundless

Your heart a land of innocent vanity

Your heart a land of childhood dreams

Your heart a land of lovely things

Of flowers and winds and birds

And ambition; mercifully shining ambition

But you don’t see mistrust glide in slowly

You don’t see bereavement hide in the shadows

You’re content, you’re dreaming

And praying to be left untouched

But you don’t see what’s around you already

Though everything’s on fire


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