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One Half of All The World

In the sudden onslaught of blood

You forgot the one thing I needed the most

You left her in the fire

Assuming she wanted to die for you

Did you ask her, even once-

Sweetheart, do you want to live again?


When the world was growing faster

And I was trapped in it all alone

I often thought what life would be

If you hadn’t let her go

But you felt she was better off

Dying submissively within the remains


Once. I mustered enough courage to ask you

‘Father, didn’t you love her too?’

Your eyes had darkened through years of silence

But your lips never moved then

Nor ever again on that question

And I’ve never wanted to know since


I could grow old, I could grow rich

I could live to see daylight

But then I started to wonder

And the wonderment grew into a question

And I still pained to ask you

But I already believed you didn’t care


When you were dying, I knew

I had no choice but to let you go

But you- you had had a choice

And I never forgave you for the one you made

Because she- she’d deserved one half of all the world too

If she were you she would have learnt to share


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