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More than Skin and Bones

He’s holding on to my destiny

Like that kite flying in the sky

He doesn’t seem to know

That I am more than just skin and bones

I’m a whirlwind of colours

I’m the gush of autumn breeze

I’m the glare of the sun

And the cool shade of the glen

I’m the night of broken glass

I’m the morning ablaze with glory

I’m the peace inside some heart

I’m still an untold story


He’s holding on to my happiness

Like a flag flutters in the wind

He doesn’t seem to know

That I am more than just skin and bones

I am the whisper in the woods

I am the squirrel in the glade

I am the seagull skimming the water’s top

Out in the open sea

I am the silences of dead nights

And the buzz of that incessant bee


He’s holding on to the pieces of my life

Like a broken relic too precious to destroy

He doesn’t seem to know

That I am more than just skin and bones

I am the waves breaking against that cliff

I am the magic of a starlit sky

I am an orgy of dancing fireflies

I am the mystical chant of nature

I am that clear, blossoming twilight

Oh, how far and wide I travel!

Within these confines of imagination

I am so much more than skin and bones

If only he knew


This is for you  Meenam and for all us beautiful girls. 🙂


The Girl in a Gilded Cage

 “From our first meeting I swore to follow you anywhere even unto death. I live only for your love.”

In the midst of the shards of a broken Germany,

Within the ruins of Berlin,

In the heart of the Nazi bloodstream

In the Fuhrerbunker

A quiet ceremony declared Eva Braun married to the man who created a storm in Europe and changed the course of history forever- Adolf Hitler.

Eva Braun waited for Hitler almost half her life. She brooded internally but on the outside she was cheerful. She swam, laughed, smoked and sunbathed but the ultimate price she paid in return for her heart’s greatest desire was her own life.

I can’t stop thinking about her…the girl who loved Hitler to a fault. Was she as naïve and oblivious to the world around her as she seemed? Did she really not know or care to know about the political turmoil in the world? Was she just a bird in a gilded cage, dying to be with the man she loved, unaware of the monsters that man had given rise to?

And when she walked willingly to her death, was she blissful because she got forty hours to spend as the wife of the Chancellor of Germany- the man so many adored and so many others hated- because it was all she wanted out of life?

I shudder at my conviction that she must surely have followed Hitler through the fires of hell.

Her story gives me goosebumps!


Winter Doesn’t Love Me

Winter doesn’t love me

I was born in spring’s lap

Growing up I had toys. And I had books.

And I had crayons to colour the world with.

And I cycled in the summer streets

Which were filled with games and laughter of children

Not war cries or sounds of soldiers marching


Winter doesn’t love me

I never heard a knock on my door

And feared for the life of someone I loved

I never watched my father leave for work

Without knowing if he would be back in time for dinner.

I never stood for hours in a long line

For a loaf of bread or a new pair of shoes.


Winter doesn’t love me

I never wore

Anything that told the world what Gods my ancestors worshipped

Winter doesn’t love me

I never saw a war-torn nation

I never saw a city bombed and a million people die


Winter doesn’t love me

I was never told

That I had to learn to cook and clean and mop

And have a strong and healthy body to bear a lot of little boys

Winter doesn’t love me

I could choose

To be anything I wanted to be as I grew up

I could choose to wear a skirt and high heels

And be friends with whoever I liked


Winter doesn’t love me

I never had to scream out for hours

To block the noises of women being raped and families torn apart

I never had to see a little child die

Along with the dreams that lit up his eyes

Winter doesn’t love me

I never saw a man half-dragged down the road

Trying to clutch an extra pair of pants in his hand

Or the photograph his wife hurriedly thrust into his arms

While his daughter cried

I never had to be that daughter


Winter doesn’t love me

What can I say?

I am the summer of dreams

I am the summer of all movies and songs

I sat in a classroom wondering what sixty years could do

As I plodded through algebra and physics

But the answer I didn’t hear then was right inside me.


Goodbye (Is Just Another Word)

Travelled with my backpack on;

Headphones in, eyes cast down

Studied patiently from afar

Saw the moon and gazed at the stars


This thing was starting to wear me down

I knew it when we came to town

But the year had just flown past

I’d never imagined it would go so fast


I see you and we hug and smile

But the horror still hangs up on trial

Its going to be over soon-

I know it, feel the story pages strewn


We fill the void with food and laughter

And then walk in silence to close this chapter

We hold hands and think it through

And then we whisper ‘I love you’


And now its later and I still know

I will turn up and you will show

The songs have changed but the theme remains

Its almost as if we’re bound in chains


And we still talk and laugh and love

And you still fit me like a glove

And we know its quite true what they say

If its meant to be, you’ll find your way


So I’m reading a book of poetry and I stare

At you as you tune into sports and grab a beer

And later when we say goodbye

And I feel my tears; I’m about to cry

You say,’ oh come on this is just absurd’

‘I’ll see you soon; you know…goodbye is just another word’


Twisted Tribute

She’s icy cold, a bite on this winter wind’s head

Renders it powerless

She snaked through your life, crept under your morals

She’ll stay there

She’ll make the haughtiest friends, stare upwards with dignity

She will entice them

She will call the kettle black and move on with her head too high

She won’t look back

She won’t see the tears or understand the questions- or you

She’s rising like grey smoke

Over that quiet town tucked within the mountainside

Despoiling its glory

She’ll give you a list of reasons you no longer want to hear

She will twist them

She’ll curl her hair with a finger and smile a cruel smile

Your blood will boil

She will stare at the spots that darken your heart as you

Declare bloody war

She will believe you capable of everything she is

She will turn away

And if the only form of justice you have left is not enough

She will receive it with glee


On the Keyboard

I placed my hands on the keyboard and just let go. This is what came out of me. It is called  free association writing. I went back and corrected the spellings, didn’t bother with the grammar of it and at the end of five minutes, I realised I had ended up writing something optimistic. maybe because I am feeling low today, or maybe I just needed to give myself a pep talk:


To watch something grow, you have to give it time and energy and love. Nothing you work for will ever grow unless you believe in it. And you will never believe in anything unless you love it. Sometimes, to begin a quest you don’t need maps or a list or plans…sometimes something vast and beautiful can come out of chaos, and sometimes meticulousness can be devastating. If something in the universe is calling out to you and the moment seems wrong and you’re filled with misgivings about it, you need to take a little risk. Don’t put everything you have on the backburner but don’t take it all away from the thing you love either. If you can find your own balance, you’re in a zone that is comfortable for you. Some people are meant to keep shifting; their sense of belonging comes from nomadism. For others, stability lies in being in one place. If you’re rigid about something, and refuse to keep an open mind, you’re ultimately hurting yourself by not allowing your brain to go out and reach far into the cosmos for things which, albeit unreal, sing out largely into the universe, searching for a place to belong and bring happiness to you. You’re feeling confused, lost tired, don’t let go. Hold on. Feel yourself. Let yourself be embraced by the cosmos. At some point the truth will flow out of you and you will know that this is the moment you were waiting for. If you’re one with the world in which you live, you will discover what you were meant to do. If you don’t know where you’re going and what you want out of existence, realise that you’re definitely not the only one in the world who feels hurt and lost and confused. There is magic in every corner, you just need to step out of the light. Even if you do it for a millisecond, for the fraction of an hour, you’ll discover something, and if you give your whole life to it, then the day that you die, inside of you, you will know that something worked out. The sense of completeness may not touch you. Maybe it will never touch us. But something will click. Something will fit. Something will make sense. Something will find its way to the surface of your body and become one with you, maybe in that last moment. At any rate, you won’t die hopelessly. And nothing can bring that sense of achievement to you unless you’re free. Free to explore the edges of existence. The truth is, we’re tinier than the tiniest dot in this universe, which might ultimately be a dot in a large loaf of parallel universes. So it can be safe to assume that no matter how wide and far your imagination wanders, in some corner of this multiverse, its probably happening. And maybe thoughts will travel faster than light, faster than everything that has ever travelled and something will reflect back and touch you in this world.