Twisted Tribute

She’s icy cold, a bite on this winter wind’s head

Renders it powerless

She snaked through your life, crept under your morals

She’ll stay there

She’ll make the haughtiest friends, stare upwards with dignity

She will entice them

She will call the kettle black and move on with her head too high

She won’t look back

She won’t see the tears or understand the questions- or you

She’s rising like grey smoke

Over that quiet town tucked within the mountainside

Despoiling its glory

She’ll give you a list of reasons you no longer want to hear

She will twist them

She’ll curl her hair with a finger and smile a cruel smile

Your blood will boil

She will stare at the spots that darken your heart as you

Declare bloody war

She will believe you capable of everything she is

She will turn away

And if the only form of justice you have left is not enough

She will receive it with glee

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