Goodbye (Is Just Another Word)

Travelled with my backpack on;

Headphones in, eyes cast down

Studied patiently from afar

Saw the moon and gazed at the stars


This thing was starting to wear me down

I knew it when we came to town

But the year had just flown past

I’d never imagined it would go so fast


I see you and we hug and smile

But the horror still hangs up on trial

Its going to be over soon-

I know it, feel the story pages strewn


We fill the void with food and laughter

And then walk in silence to close this chapter

We hold hands and think it through

And then we whisper ‘I love you’


And now its later and I still know

I will turn up and you will show

The songs have changed but the theme remains

Its almost as if we’re bound in chains


And we still talk and laugh and love

And you still fit me like a glove

And we know its quite true what they say

If its meant to be, you’ll find your way


So I’m reading a book of poetry and I stare

At you as you tune into sports and grab a beer

And later when we say goodbye

And I feel my tears; I’m about to cry

You say,’ oh come on this is just absurd’

‘I’ll see you soon; you know…goodbye is just another word’


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