The Girl in a Gilded Cage

 “From our first meeting I swore to follow you anywhere even unto death. I live only for your love.”

In the midst of the shards of a broken Germany,

Within the ruins of Berlin,

In the heart of the Nazi bloodstream

In the Fuhrerbunker

A quiet ceremony declared Eva Braun married to the man who created a storm in Europe and changed the course of history forever- Adolf Hitler.

Eva Braun waited for Hitler almost half her life. She brooded internally but on the outside she was cheerful. She swam, laughed, smoked and sunbathed but the ultimate price she paid in return for her heart’s greatest desire was her own life.

I can’t stop thinking about her…the girl who loved Hitler to a fault. Was she as naïve and oblivious to the world around her as she seemed? Did she really not know or care to know about the political turmoil in the world? Was she just a bird in a gilded cage, dying to be with the man she loved, unaware of the monsters that man had given rise to?

And when she walked willingly to her death, was she blissful because she got forty hours to spend as the wife of the Chancellor of Germany- the man so many adored and so many others hated- because it was all she wanted out of life?

I shudder at my conviction that she must surely have followed Hitler through the fires of hell.

Her story gives me goosebumps!

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