Life · Love · Poems

The Saga

Its a beautiful heart in the right kind of place

I suffer in silence but is the silence ablaze

With the sounds of my pain, with the salt of my tears?

Can you feel a part of me dying

Can you make it disappear?


Do you know what it feels like

To want to hold on to you?

When you’re firing these things at me

And I know they aren’t true?

Would you care for a digression:

Would you call out my name too?

Can’t you see that the way I love

Is as beautiful as you


When I’m standing under the golden sun

My thoughts always turn to you

But it saddens my heart to think

Of the many moments we blew

I wish this wasn’t tainted

With the smell of my blood

I wish the thousand knifes that poke me

Will never be enough


And am I just plain happy

Or is this numbness unreal

Sometimes its hard to believe

That my life could be so surreal

I see your name across every cloud

But do you know what I would do

If I could fly up there like a bird

I would bring one down for you


So are my insides still invisible

Do I lay my life down for you

Do these naked words reach someplace deep

Do they make you feel blue?

I know my life is music

And I get to play the tunes

But you are like the flute

You lend me music too




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