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Being A Girl

Sense of Jesselton
Sense of Jesselton (Photo credit: zero5phh)

Is there a little bit of that good space

Inside your heart?

Where you don’t care about the clothes I wear

Where it doesn’t seem to matter what I do to look pretty

Where it isn’t a problem that I put no make-up on

That place where you’d appreciate me

Because I love to write and read

Because I love the smell of spring and that smile on your face

Because I want to do good things in the world

And reach out to good people

Because I believe that being a woman

I have the same rights that you do

And the same responsibilities

Because I don’t believe that at the end of this road

If I look too pretty, I am a slut

And if I don’t then I am just plain ugly

But no matter how you look, you’re just you.


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