Why All My Earphones Stop Working and Other Stories

If it is 3 am in the morning and I am here trying to write something, things have got to be a little *effed* up. Yeah. Coz the only times I am up this late typing is when I am like, really, REALLY upset.

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But this is an angst free post, I promise. I was just thinking of things that keep happening and all these thoughts kept coming up.

So if you’re wondering about the title, the truth is I once bought a really pretty pair of pink earphones. It was an impulsive buy. Yes. But the pink wasn’t a part of the impulse, no. I usually do not regret buying anything pink. I can’t be criticized for that because its a lovely colour. But these pink headphones; they didn’t last for 48 hours. Somewhere between day one and two, one of the earpieces stopped working. The same thing happened to a pair of headphones my mom got for me, and then one that my dad bought. The only headphones that seem to have stayed intact around me are the ones that I got with my Samsung phone. Hurrah Samsung! The truth with headphones, I discovered, is that when they get tangled up inside my handbag or backpack (or pocket) and then I wrestle them out when I REALLY need them, they just don’t make it through in one piece. Which is a pity because I know that as long as I have to carry around a bag of any kind, the mess will be there, the earphones will subsequently get knotted up (because I don’t have the patience to roll them up and tuck them away nicely) and the wrestles will continue. And I will keep buying new ones!

Speaking of bags, I have had a real itch to buy pretty bags off late. I bought my first handbag around 1.5 years ago. Guess the colour? Oh okay, I know you know. It was pink. And white too. And I loved it dearly and carried it around a lot until very, very recently. Now I was browsing online and I saw a bag that I just simply had to have because it was so, so adorable. No it wasn’t pink. It had black and white stripes and a little kitten that seems to be peeking out through them. Now I am not a cat-person (you might be shocked but I love dogs, so its okay, right? Right?). But-b-but just look at how adorable this bag is?


I carry it around everywhere nowadays and I love that it is sooo big that I can put everything in it: goggles, medicine, hairbrush, keys, headphones (of course), phone, books (yes, novels) and I have even carried around other bigger things in it like a sweater and folders!


You have probably gathered by now that I am not a very clean person. Sometimes I want to be but it gets in the way of all the other things that I could be doing to use my time. I try to be good with my time distribution so I can use it for better things. Such as, you ask? Well watching Friends re-runs is pretty high up on the priority risk. Even though I tend to be very, very partial to F.R.I.E.N.D.S., sometimes I want to be diversified and so I watch re-runs of The Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother. Currently, I am not watching re-runs. I am spending my time watching Community. I am on Season One but its very cute.

But there are other things I do with my time, besides thinking of better things to do with my time. I read, I scroll up and down my Facebook page, I blog (sometimes!), I create things (craft stuff which  I usually give out as gifts to people I love, but sometimes they are too dense to appreciate the time and the effort that goes in- see what I did there?) and yes I sing a lot but only when I am alone. Then I record my voice and daydream about someday using the guitar I bought for my last birthday and actually learning to play it.


These days I am learning to drive. I am good with the steering (my instructor told me) and I am smooth at the CLUTCH-BRAKE thingie if I know from a distance that I need to stop after fifty feet but I am very bad at starting UP. Coz when you’re on gear ONE and you have to let go of the clutch and press the accelerator but you need to speed it just right. Well what IS the deal with that? When I finally nailed it, my mom told me that if I spent that much time staring down at the ABC, I would be the cause for a traffic jam. I believe her. But hey, atleast I got the car moving!

I also got a learner’s licence made. A process which takes 2 hours of standing in queues and handing over forms and getting your photo taken and your thumbprints and signature and then a driver’s test where you need a socre of 11/15 (its a set of standard questions you have been given in advance and that’s it). So, yeah. I am a learner for now and am happy about driving. Experienced drivers, how long does that last?? 😀

Signing off 🙂

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