How to Love a T.V. Series

I have friends who just don’t get it. Friends who don’t have the patience or energy or dedication to sit through one episode of a  T.V. series. And then I have friends who don’t want to put in the energy or effort to actually truly connect with a T.V. series (or okay, I have one friend for each of those above-mentioned traits). Well they should know that you can’t just love a T.V. series in one day. Not all of them, anyway.


(1) Take Community for example. It is the latest new (for me) T.V. series that I have been watching.  Now, with Community, I feel two things are likely to happen. You might start getting irritated by all the characters in its cast, or you could fall instantaneously in love. Now I can tell you, that the moment I saw both Britta and Anne, I loved them. They’re pretty and smart and just generally nice. Anne might irritate the crap out of you at times, with her exaggerated exclamations and her large, large eyes. But I liked her. And of course, as a girl I would have to like Jeff. Abed, I feel, is a controversial person. I like him. But you could easily find his Asperger’s syndrome and his manner of speaking and relating everything with a T.V. series (not to mention his continuous references to T.V. a little annoying- but hey, look what you’re reading). The character I dislike the most is Pierce. He is shown to be crass and racist and inappropriate, but more than anything else, he seems the most unnecessary member of the crew.

So yes, to be in love with a show like Community with a very diversified cast, you need to have some patience. The episode in which I finally started appreciating this show’s humor and story lines was the one in which Britta performs a dance sequence on stage and Troy has to rescue her because she gets paralyzed with jealousy.


(2) Believe it or not, I have a friend who does not like Prison Break, even though she has watched a few episodes and yet she loves Castle and White Collar. My question: how on EARTH can you NOT fall head-over-heels in love with Prison Break from the very first fifteen minutes of the very first episode? I am not saying that you have to love Michael Scofield. I am not saying you have to love Sara Tancredi. I am not saying you have to watch T-Bag with a sense of disgusted amazement and yet not be able to draw your eyes away from him. All I am saying is, how can you not not NOT love the beautiful, intricate, absolutely ingenious plot of the show? Do you not know that any show or movie that you watch about breaking out of prison (yes, Great Escape, Midnight Express… I mean you) will henceforth be paled in comparison?

So okay. Perhaps you do not enjoy the first episode (how could you not though, when in the end of it Scofield reveals that the tattoos all over his body are actually a map of the entire prison that can only be read by him- and by a certain schizoaffective, bipolar prisoner later on, along with containing clues and riddles to help him through the rest of Seasons 1 and 2?). Well take a deep breath and move on to episode 2. And if you still don’t like it, go kill yourself! Prison Break is the most addictive, imaginative show on T.V. with a cast of rich characters you’ll either love or hate to death but ultimately won’t be able to stop watching. And Season 1 is probably its best season (but please do not take this to believe that the other seasons are any less amazing-you don’t even get to meet Alexander Mahone until Season 2 and he will blow your mind).


(3) The same friend who did not like Prison Break also does not happen to like DexterWell, I will pardon her here. Dexter is not the best of series because it has its highs and lows and some people get disgusted by the fact that the protagonist is a mass-murderer. Yes, Dexter has double standards and he has a blurred sense of justice (read more about all that here). And some other people get grossed out by the way he murders people and the amount of blood. I can’t deny there is blood in Dexter, but boy if we are going down the blood and gore road, please scroll further and read point (4). But Dexter’s first season is pretty amazing (spoilers ahead). We know the guy Deborah is dating is queer even though he is a doctor and soon enough we find out that he is indeed the ice-truck killer and he befriends Dexter but Dexter is clueless about him and his biggest secret is revealed later on. And once you like Season 1, you have to go further with it of course.

As I watched Season 2, 3 and 4 I developed a great love for the girl Rita Bennet, who Dexter was dating and her two kids from her first failed marriage. She was adorable and I got so attached to her that the end of Season 4 (MAJOR spoiler) where she dies, broke my heart into little bits. And yes, Season 4 is one of the awesome episodes, and so is season 6.


(4) If you’re not a fan of the blood and gore of Dexter you would probably avoid Game of Thrones, right? But the wonder is, the very friend of mine who didn’t like Dexter, enjoyed Game of Thrones so much that she made everyone else around her watch it and they all enjoyed it too. On my recommendation. So let’s take a pause here and love me.

Game of Thrones is set in a fictional wonderland Westeros where magic and politics combine in a ruthless manner. Comprised of seven houses, the rulers of each of which are seeking the ultimate control of the Iron Throne, one of the disturbing aspects of this series is that though the bloody, murderous scenes and the constant, pain-in-the-ass nudity (by nudity I mean, only female nudity) deem this show completely, absolutely unfit for children, its cast comprises of rather a lot of child actors.

Two seasons in, Game of Thrones is an H.B.O. show at the heights of its glory and goriness, as well. So if you can stomach swords cutting through flesh, you need to watch Game of Thrones. And believe me, as you watch, you will get rather resistant to the murders until it will seem uncanny if even an episode would go by without the display of blood or tits.

And also, this show has dragons and Walking Dead people. ^_^


(5) Moving on, I would like to give you one of the success stories of recent television: Big Bang Theory. We all know geeky is the new sexy and this show has picked up with the speed of light. From modest beginnings, Big Bang Theory’s five member cast has now blown up to encompass two more characters and for me, a source of happiness is that this series has an Indian Kunal Nayyar playing Raj Kuthrapalli. But Indian humor is pretty stereotyped and concentrates on call centers, funny accents (which we all do NOT have by the way) and also, Raj’s constant failure in the girl department does not please me.

Moving on from this digression, The Big Bang Theory is about three scientists and an engineer (who is constantly leg-pulled for that) who live across the hall from a blonde, pretty girl. Comedy ensues, of course. Comedy which gets technical and scientific in the best kind of way. Best characters? Sheldon Cooper and Howard Wolowitz. So you can buckle your seatbelts and get through this show. Its slow to fall in love with but picks up wondrously.

Spoiler which doesn’t really matter: Raj woos and flirts with Siri in one episode. Ingenious!


(6) How I Met Your Mother picked up in a unique flashback, time-capsule-filled fashion. And the first few seasons were amazing so you won’t have a hard time starting to enjoy it (despite the many similarities it shares with the unbeatable F.R.I.E.N.D.S. – scroll down further) but then it slowed to a standstill and Barney Stinson played by Neil Patrick Harris became the only high-point of the show. The latest season, however, is nice if you have the patience to watch up until it. Its still a bit of a drag and the suspense surrounding the mother seems to have scared the writers a little bit. Because, yes, eight seasons in and we still don’t know exactly how he meets the mother of his children since they haven’t introduced her unless you count her yellow umbrella and high heels an introduction.

(7) If you’ve been hearing references to being Sherlocked then that most definitely means that the person in question is in love with BBC’s Sherlock. My warning to you is: watch only at your own discretion and if you’re sure you can handle the suspense of waiting for one whole year for a new season of this show because it is that awesome.

A contemporary spin on Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, based in modern, fast-paced London with a most delightfully scheming Jim Moriarty, I cannot describe to you how exquisite this show is. You have to watch it. No really. Right NOW. If you haven’t seen it, please drop whatever you are doing and go watch Benedict Cumberbatch blow your mind away.

I will not say anything more about Sherlock. There are tears in my eyes.


(8) Of course, if you’re so new to television that you haven’t even seen F.R.I.E.N.D.S., you definitely need to make it a priority. A gender-balanced cast of six characters, each more lovable than the other, this 10 season show from the the mid-1990s to the mid-2000s is the most loved T.V. show ever and nobody will be exaggerating if they tell you that when you’re sad or low and want a laugh or a distraction, when you’re bored and have some time to kill, when you’re lonely and need a friend (see what I did there?), this is by far your best option.

So whatever excuses you have for not watching T.V. series. Get over them. Chuck ’em out the window and please just go watch one of the above shows. I have a whole list of other T.V. shows that I have watched but these will have to be the best ones. By the way, can I ask you: do I need help?



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