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So, what does the UNIVERSE taste like?




I was standing on the edge

I peered down one side

I saw a smutch of wonder

And held it on my palm

It evaporated quickly

Left me standing quite still and calm


I thought I’d put it together

Make a concoction out of love

And add a pinch of salt and lemon

To soak out excess sweetness

It hisses and swirled delightfully

And I revelled in its pinkness


I thought I’d add a little something green

And I searched for it far and wide

I saw some beautiful sights in wilderness

My thinly veiled potion glowed

It was bathed in yellow starlight

And frothed  as the thickness grew


And then I cast another spell

Like a class of Potions in Harry’s world

But ugly things came swirling too

Blood red anger swam

And a fiery pit within emerged

And something blue to the surface sprang

And bubbled along as my mixture brew


But a drop of black expanse I thought

Needed seething within it too

So I carefully let one tiny droplet sink

But it spread like fire through and through

And slowly everything was grey

The magic was dulling away

It seemed like nothing left was new


Then I saw a lump of mystery

Shining golden like crown

It was beautiful and on being added

Spread a warmth through the thick black gruel

I watched the rich textures rise

And saw it with my own delighted eyes

And when I touched it to my lips it was

Tingly and wonderfully comforting

Like hot cocoa on a cold, dark night

Or a summery drink on the beach:

It could be anything you’d want it to be

It was hot and cold and delicious too

It was chocolaty and fruity

In fact, this potion that I brew

Was just like everything inside  you and me


[Prompt offered by: writing prompts.]



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