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I don’t think, that by asking more questions, we are making it any less powerful than it is supposed to be.

I think this journey, which gives me tears every single time we start out on it, is beautiful.

I think its worth it.

Everything is worth it in this way, in this exquisitely gripping embrace of longing.

Because everything I seem to want, is concentrated in this one place. But every time I decide to grab it with both hands, I want to broaden my horizons and maybe that holds me back. That holds us back. But I can’t be the only one to blame! I can’t play the blame game alone.

I can ask questions,  they don’t break my momentum.

Sometimes I am walking on a line, but when I think about it, every woman does!

The tragedy is that I don’t want to fall, one way or the other. But I might have to, some day.

Its true what they say; your career will never wake up and say, ‘I don’t love you anymore’. But, I mused today, nor is it going to hug you and whisper ‘I love you’ into your ear.

But that isn’t even the question right now. The question is: why do feelings bubble in this manner?

Sometimes its too hard to take, this emotional influx. And I am not even a teenager anymore.

I have crossed the line into full accountability. A place where things I have learnt stick to my head like strong lessons and yet I want to dare the wind to take me higher.

Its like a never-ending ride and I like it this way.


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