Love · Poems

I swear. (1)

Note: this is a long poem but that’s just the way I’m flowin’ (there’s a small explanation at the very end. Feel free to skim through).

I swear. I don’t think anything has changed.

I’m not looking at the world upside down

I swear. I don’t think the devil’s standing there.

If you need help, you’ll find me besides you


I swear. I’m not judging, not watching your metamorphosis.

I’m waiting for the chips to fall where they may

I swear. I don’t think anything I do or say will make the world a better place.

But I’ve still got to try because I can’t be cocky but I can’t be oblivious either.


I swear. Sometimes being judged is the best you can get.

Because it allows you to be a rebel in a way nothing else can

I swear. It feels like the world is swimming in an ocean of darkness.

But I have my anchors to hold on to, and I’ll pull you through.


I swear. Sometimes it feels like I’m in a psychedelic world.

Painted too bright and tainted with the lights from Hell

I swear. Even then I whisper your name to myself at night.

Thinking it’ll turn down the craziness and it so, so does


I swear. You can count on me when you have to; I’m still here.

Burning with fire and mocking defeat at every step, but alive. Very much so…

I swear. I’m not lost, I’m not even rebellious; I’m just different.

And we can still be the same because we’re walking in the same direction


I swear. I’m not searching for answers with a prism. Or a magnifying glass.

I’m just walking barefoot on Lego blocks, reliving my childhood forts

I swear. Those forts don’t exist anymore, but you do. And I know that.

Don’t doubt for a moment that I have turned a blind eye!


I swear. I can feel you inside my heart and you’re beating hard against my chest.

And I know you’re believing in every step I’m taking

I swear. I can feel your moist temples full of passionate thoughts and dreams.

And I’m right here trying to keep up with you, step-with-step.


I swear. You can pour a river of lava down my throat.

I’d flinch. Maybe I would die. But I’d still stand right here.

I swear. You can laugh all you want and tell me, ‘You’re drunk’.

And it won’t change the fact that even sober I’d feel the same.


I swear. I’m not throwing stones at your window, oh no.

Now I’m just blowing like a thistle in the wind

I swear. You don’t have to stop to listen to this saga.

You can move on and I would still follow.


I swear. I wasn’t stumbling when I kissed you.

Just reaching out to something I thought I felt and thought you did too

I swear. My cussing is going to stop soon enough.

Just one last moment I’d need with you


I swear. I’m painting my nails a bright shade of red.

Not oozing blood onto the remnants of your life

I swear. I can hear the hoof beats of your horse’s retreat.

And I never thought I’d have to


I swear. This ain’t madness, nor is it sorrow.

This is just me feeling vulnerable as I fight the world

I swear. I’d be okay someday soon too.

Just hear me out; I’m looking for a last dance.


I swear. Pick me up tonight and I’ll leave.

My sorrow wrapped like a bundle beneath my armpit

I swear. I’d be Pied Piper to all the little people seeking a love song.

And I won’t lead them astray, I’ll lead them straight to you

I swear, its charming watching you swerve.

But maybe I’ll follow you out, even beyond everyone else’s reach



If Love could be intoxicated and totally out of control, this is how it would feel. Perhaps a little drugged, perhaps a little drunk. This is my take on love and life through the eyes of madness. Thanks for reading; more explanations would break this spell.


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