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Yes, We Are


Yes, w

Truth lies
Truth lies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

e are fighting new battles each day

Not winning every one of them, but not losing either

We’re building up a slow world, a broken world

We’re letting reality guide us

But our imagination is chained to the ground


Yes, we are picking up new weapons all the time

Sharpening the sharp ends, fixing misalignments

Honing our skills slowly, we’re wishing that

An opportunity will come to test them

But we won’t give in to the ceasefire


Yes, we are telling lies to move past other people

Sitting silent but behind these eyes our guards are up

Guarding jealously, passionately everything we will someday lose

We’re letting the pettiness get to us

But we never step back because we feel fearless


Yes, we are pulling strings to get to places

Smiling at power pulling us like puppets on a string

Ignoring the hidden things that make human life exquisite

We are being carried out to sea with the tide

But we’ll always think we’re unconquerable until we fall.


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