Life · Poems

Alive (in a dream)

“Its that simple. And that’s why, everyday you look in a mirror now,  you’re seeing an endangered species”

-Rob Watson, EcoTech

It is good to feel alive like this

Perched on top of the world

Gazing down below where people appear like tiny ants

And you can’t even see yourself

There is no mirror, there is no sunshine

Nothing to reflect back upon


It is good to know that tomorrow

Might yet rise behind that skyscraper

Good to know that something exists

In that innocuous place you marked home

And to feel you’re not alone, not helpless


It is good to know that the wine you drink

To dull the pain and feel like a little child again

Comes from a place your heart wants to explore

Good to know that you can go there on Friday

And return on Sunday


It is good to know that the hot summer sun

Beating down on your arms and legs is real

And the gossamer world you’ve spun

Out of everyone else’s reach is not

Because that only means

No one will ever reach it

Nobody will ever touch it

It cannot be despoiled

It cannot be admired

And it exists only for you

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