A Cute Love Story

LOVE (Photo credit: StreetFly JZ)

Your dark humor dawned

Full of laughter on my horizon

Breaking the deadening yawn

Of my grounded, worldly creation


You told me, ‘I bought you a wall

Its in the middle of town

You can fashion something: anything at all

And turn my world upside-down’


I smiled crookedly with my lips

And my eyes lit up like fireflies

I said, ‘you saved me all those trips

Wondering if it was even worth the while’


So we walked across to a cute little tea-shop

And bought scones and dainty cups of tea

And you told me, ‘It made my heart stop

The very first time you spoke to me’


We spent hours besides the creek

Talking like teenagers would

You seemed to know things I couldn’t (wouldn’t) speak

And you seemed to know where we stood


Then we went back to that wall

And started to think of things to make

But they wouldn’t come: big or small

So we decided upon a break


Three weeks I didn’t hear from you

My days grew sad, my heart grew sour

But finally when the winter breeze flew

I worked on the wall hour by hour


The day I finished, you came by

And in a bird-like snapping of your neck

You appraised my portrait with a critic’s eye

And smiled because you liked my trick


I stared in astonishment at you

For I had drawn you on my wall, you see

Thinking this dream wouldn’t come true

But that was just the start of our cute love story


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