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After The Funeral – Agatha Christie


Another Poirot book I read recently; one in which you get to see the classic Poirot- ageing, foreign, funny, egg-shaped and intelligent!

After the funeral of one Richard Abernethie, when his extended family is gathered for dinner, his youngest sister is heard to comment, “It’s been hushed up very nicely … but he was murdered, wasn’t he?”

And even though everyone chooses to ignore those words and let them pass, the next day the same sister Cora is found murdered in her country home, with a hatchet delivering multiple blows.

The family solicitor Entwhistle, who was also an old friend of Richard Abernethie, senses something amiss in the whole situation. He talks to everyone who had heard Cora’s comment after the funeral and wonders who in the family was desperate enough for money, that they resorted to murders. He calls in Hercule Poirot to solve the case.

Like most other Agatha Christie books, this one too, sets a witty, creepy tune to the entire murder setting and ends with an unexpected, unforeseen twist which most definitely does not disappoint.

Do read, for a page-turner!


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