Before Exams

Things to do before exams:

1) Reinvent your blog

2) Play games on your phone

3) Crave for chocolate

4) Take long baths 

5) Procrastinate and worry and then bite your nails

6) Crave for cheese

7) Clean your room

8) Sleep

9) Listen to music

10) Read the newspaper

11) Think of the funniest, most creative things to write and promise yourself that you’ll get right down to them once your exams are over. 

12) Daydream about exams getting over


2 thoughts on “Before Exams

  1. 1,3,4,,8,9,10,12 for me ALL THE TIME!
    7. does seem lucrative , but I’m too lazy for that
    Infact, the writing/bulletin board in my room ( for whichever purpose it was inended) has full blown plans for the new avatar of my blog chalked out !

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