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Sometimes I wish I could be a singer. What am I doing, going where everyone else is going? My voice is fairly decent and I can sing but then, so can hundreds and thousands of people.

Anyway, what I really wish is that I didn’t have to be caught up in this maddening world where all I am trying to do is flow with the crowd. Its like I am caught up with a million people, all racing down a narrow street, climbing over one another and just scrambling along, not caring about anything else. And the street is too crowded, the sky is too far up; just a narrow strip of azure, miles high, out of reach. But what are we all scrambling towards? I have no clue.

Sometimes I wish I could fall back and let everyone clamber on ahead of me, until they’re far far away. Then I’d just lie down , right there, in the middle of the street and stare up at the sky and dream.

And when I said I wish I could be a singer, I meant I wish I could be one of those people who get to spend their time doing something they love and something they believe in with all their heart. 😦

Why is life so unfair?

Sometimes. I just can’t take it anymore



3 thoughts on “Sometimes

    1. Thanks but I am not that much of a singer. Singing is just one of those things that I feel people do from their heart, you know? I am more of a writer. A writer is what I would really and truly love to be.
      The point of this post was that we should all be able to have a job that makes us feel happy from our heart.

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