I believe changes in a person are of two kinds: progressive and regressive. At any point of our life, most of us our likely to think that the changes we have undergone in the most recent past have been of a progressive nature. But on retrospection, we may find that they were regressive. This doesn’t always have to be true, of course. There are times when we know we’re not changing for the better but for the worst and yet we don’t do anything to change the situation.

I am beginning too ponder upon the perplexing power of the human mind. We have all been told that God is everywhere; including within us. Nothing can be truer than that. We have so much more energy to tap inside of us than we utilize  Our body and mind is full of wonderful little secret triggers–things which, if unleashed, can take us to the soaring new heights we all dream of.

And yet- in the end, all we are is a tiny civilization with a compressed past, living on a tiny planet in a vast, endless cosmos.

Why does all of this feel like a cruel, mocking joke sometimes?


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