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Meanwhile in India

We prayed and lit candles and held debates and we thought something would change when a 23-year-old girl was gang raped in a moving bus on a busy Delhi road by six drunken men. But even as the ‘reforms’ continue, a 5-year -old girl was kidnapped from outside her house by her neighbour,  locked up for four days and treated in indescribable, horrific ways.

And though she was found alive, she is battling for her life because of the violent treatment and because of the ‘foreign’ objects like a candle and a hair oil bottle that was found inside of her. To make matters worse, her parents have complained that the police told them to just be glad that she was alive. They are also accusing the police of trying to bribe them into downplaying the horrendous incident.

Some things you read about just make you lose your faith in humanity-this is one of them. This is the extent to which people can fall. It just goes to prove that no law seems strict enough when Indian men come right down to giving in to their perversions. Raping an adult woman aside, to actually have the urge to go ahead and rape a little child is perhaps the best indication of the mentality of our people.. No matter what kind of debates might ensue regarding the dressing sense, lifestyle, behaviour or attitude of a woman rape victim, all those arguments fall flat in the face of a five-year-old.

And it seems as if nothing is going to have an impact unless we tighten the noose around people such as these. To what extent will you lock us up in our homes at night when even a little girl who was playing outside her own house in the middle of the day, is not safe?


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