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Game of Thrones Season 3

There are spoilers from the show on this post.

After its mellow beginnings, Season 3 of Game of Thrones finally gained momentum this Sunday and how! My favourite character Daenerys Targaryen has finally caught a break!

Married off by her brother in Season one to Khal Drogo in return for an army of tribesmen with whom he wished to earn back the Iron Throne, she became Dothraki to a people who were used to a wild life. Khal Drogo’s death and her subsequent struggles were no piece of cake either but she soon emerged to me as one of the most ethical characters on the show. That is why I have loved her: she is compassionate towards those who depend on her and believe in her but is equally capable of being unforgiving towards those who do evil or stand in her way and at the same time, she possesses a sense of judgement and character and the ability to make people take her seriously.

Despite all that however, her struggles so far had been mostly in vain; despite bearing three dragons whom she almost lost at a given point, Daenerys hadn’t made any significant progress in her fight for her rightful throne so far.

Season three saw her in Astapor, trying to purchase an army of slaves ruthlessly trained in the art of fighting. These slaves–the Unsullied, are owned by the Masters under a strict regime. In order to purchase them, Daenerys agrees to sell the Masters one of her dragons.

During the actual exchange however, comes the moment of triumph because Daenerys orders the slave army to slay all their masters and free all the slaves. Having conquered Astapor and freed all slaves, she finds herself the leader of a large army of soldiers who agree to fight for her of their own free will.

So yes, I was happy when the end of the episode 4 of this season showed her leaving Astapor with her army of 8000 strong and of course, her three baby dragons who are slowly growing. Can’t wait for them to finally be fully grown.

I want her on the Iron Throne at King’s Landing!


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