Mother’s Day

My Facebook newsfeed is chock-full of Mother’s Day posts and wishes. If we have to have just one day to celebrate our moms, so be it. But our moms celebrate us every day of every year. They breath life into us, bring us into this world, teach us about love and about caring. They teach us to trust and to be loyal. They teach us the value of having a kind heart. They tell us stories and encourage us to make our own.

Love is a strange thing. It can come and go and nobody knows when it might die away and when it might erupt again. We cannot measure love but it still exists in degrees: a little, a lot, strong enough to die for, strong enough to kill for,uncertain, unrequited- love’s existence in this world is a thing of wonder and a thing mathematics cannot quantify. Yet a mother’s love should be the measure against which all others should be compared. It is the most powerful, everlasting, unchanging, staunch, unbending love there is.

And this feeling cannot be understood until you hold in your arms something that existed inside your own body. There is an inexplicable kind of beauty on this magic which defines a mother’s love. 🙂


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