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Maybe the winds of darkness of gathered in such a way that you cannot see how I changed. Or maybe…just maybe it was never in you to see, only to judge. Maybe the only person who can see this is me. Yes, I can clearly see what a fool I was and how unbelievably foolish I would have continued to be if someone as wonderful as you had not waltzed into my life.

Change is painful, sure. But if I could take out one chunk of my soul to show you how I changed, I wonder if you would still curse our fate so. Maybe changing somebody’s life was not on your bucket list of things to do and be proud of, but I know falling in love was. And if falling in love is this, maybe you would have chosen not to fall in love at all. But some proclamations have the power to move us. I hope this one does that for you. If we had never come to be, I don’t know what course I would have taken but I doubt it could have been as fulfilling as this one is.

Every young girl dreams of a knight in shining armor to come and save her. In today’s world, most girls seek a Mr. Darcy of sorts- someone absurdly polite. A gentleman. Others seek the punk or the rockstar.

But now it seems as if what I got was batman. In my mind you’re like batman. Silent and brooding. Perhaps not the savior the world wants, but the one it needs. Perhaps I didn’t even know that I needed to be saved but you came and did it anyway.

So the thing is, these questions may be haunting us (though  I wouldn’t want them to) and perhaps who you really wanted to be was Sherlock, but I’m giving you Batman instead and there is a sense of justice in this knowledge for me. I hope being my Batman can make you feel every bit as powerful and invincible, yet human as I want you to feel!


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