Popular Culture and Zones to Lose Yourself In

We all have places we like to go to in order to escape reality. Zoning out is a different process for everyone but basically, its about letting go of the world and going somewhere else. Maybe like sleeping. Yeah, sleeping could be a way of zoning out and sometimes that’s how I do use it. In fact, once I saw this quote on Facebook

Which happens to be something I totally agree with. But here are some other ways that I use to zone out:

1) Books!

I think most people know this but it can’t be stressed enough. Reading opens up a world of imagination that nothing else can ever hope to match. Watching something on television aside, when you’re reading the words you’re thinking up. You’re imagining people and places and building them in your head. If you’re a reader, most likely than not the movie of an epic book will disappoint you. Why is that? It is because most often than not they cannot create things in the exact way as you did in your head. Its probably better in your head too, because you’re not limited by technology.

What a great way to just zone out of the world and be somewhere else! Though most books work for zoning out, the ones which are most successful are the ones which take you away from this world. And books like Harry Potter, LOTR, the Inheritance series, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Hunger Games and so on are the best for those purposes. So read away and find new places inside your head that you can be in!

2) Sketching and Art

There is something about these things. You don’t have to be very good or even good at all. All you need is a paintbrush and a pencil or maybe just some pieces from old magazines! Here’s some of the zoning out stuff with art that I’ve done in the past:

IMG_0295 scan0001



3) Swimming

In water lies one of my favourite ways to zone out. Its relaxing, good exercise and a great escape from life.

If you’re one of the people who don’t like swimming or are scared of water, seriously you’re missing out on something really great. Just try the water once, you’ll take to it like fish to a sea.



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