The Beginning of the End—Dexter

Dexter‘s last season is coming out, starting this weekend.

Every time I think about how Dexter should end, I imagine the best kind of closure for a show like this can only come from Dexter’s death.

After all, how else do you justify the end of a show where the protagonist is a serial killer? Admittedly Dexter tries to channelize himself and keeps to killing only the really bad guys out there (which is what keeps us hooked and just enough attached to him to keep watching the show), but its hard to argue with the logic that he operates in some very grey areas.

I’ve watched some really good TV series, but for some reason the shocking murder of Dexter’s wife Rita Bennett really hit me and for that reason perhaps, I am a little too involved in where the Dexter plot is going.

This is one story I want to actually watch pan out on the screen, rather than indulge in any kind of book reading (even though I also said that about Game of Thrones earlier).

For a deeper analysis of Dexter, click below:

The Psyche of Dexter



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