Dexter Season 8 Episode 2- ‘Every Silver Lining’

Doctor Evelyn Vogel is turning into a disappointment. After her spectacular declaration last week, this week she reveals herself to be a deeply caring, motherly figure who had had a big hand in turning Dexter into who he is today. As proof, she produces tapes of her conversations with Dexter’s dad Harry, back from when Harry had just discovered Dexter’s obsession with blood and gore. I guess that explains the kiddie drawings she had been carrying around. What it doesn’t explain is where she had been all these years and why, if she cares so deeply for Dexter, did she reveal herself to him in a way that would immediately put him on his guard and make him weary and uncertain towards her. All these questions seem to make it clear that she probably isn’t who she seems to be and there is some ulterior motive behind her sudden presence. Or else, she is just extremely selfish because she has now enlisted Dexter to help her out in figuring out the new killer, whom she claims could be one of her former patients since he has been sending the sliced out pieces from the brains of his victims to her in jars. Whatever it is, its clear that she is not just there to suddenly ‘mother’ Dexter and boost his confidence by telling him that psychopaths are actually a gift to mankind and necessary for our long-term survival as a whole.

New Mom or Another Complication?

Meanwhile, Debra seems to be letting her humanity slip away from her. Having compromised once, she doesn’t seem to be afraid to kill again and kill again she does, with no regards for any sort of codes and Dexter cleans the mess she leaves behind; tampering evidence and removing her blood samples from the scene of the crime. So Dexter WILL cover for her, even if she doesn’t seem to have any moral code to operate with. This episode in fact, made me feel a little more emotionally connected to both Dexter and Debra. In all the speculating about Dexter, I hadn’t so far felt any sympathy for  Debra and what she has been going through but she gets to me in the part where she tells Dexter, ‘I didn’t want to hate you. I wanted the opposite.’

Simultaneously, the Quinn story seems to be making some headway. I’ve always liked Quinn, despite his complete dirty cop routine and I am finding his little side story quite interesting actually because I think its going to lead him head-on into Debra and Dexter’s secret. He also seems to care a little more deeply about Debra than he seems to realize and what will he do when he stumbles unto the truth (which I am sure he will)?

There was also a funny moment with Angel and Quinn when they’re interviewing a suspect’s mother. I think all the main characters are going to end up at a convergence of sorts by the time this season wraps up.

The second episode didn’t excite me as much as the first did but Season Eight is still in its infancy and there is a long way to go before the pattern emerges. Stay tuned for more Dexter analysis!


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