What’s Eating Dexter Morgan? Season 8 Episode 3!

[Show spoilers]

Things have finally picked up after a sluggish second episode!

Dexter is back in all his former glory: stalking, tracking, inspecting and yes, you got it: murdering!

In the opening scene of the third episode of this final season, Dexter wakes up in the middle of the night to the quiet summons of his son Harrison. There is a lot of blood everywhere in the kitchen…all the way to the bathroom flood where Harrison seems to have eaten a whole box of Popsicles and is now experiencing stomach ache…a pointless starting point but to me, every Harrison scene just echoes a mirroring of a son’s innocence against his father’s sins and shows how vulnerable this relationship makes Dexter all the time!

Debra on the other hand, is unwinding and the person she turns to for help is Quinn, which is creating problems for his relationship with Jamie. The Quinn side-story is still interesting me; be it the sergeant exam Angel so desperately wants him to pass or his girlfriend who seems to be grappling with issues while Quinn displays more and more affection for his broken ex-girlfriend.

Dexter does make headway with his sister- trying to prove to her that she is a good person, that as a cop she helped a lot of people survive and live on and for those reasons, somehow, having murdered LaGuerta is not as big a crime as she thinks. Contrary to his expectations however, Debra takes this as a sign that she needs to surrender and so, drunk to the hilt she ends up in Quinn’s arms back at the precinct, apparently to confess.

But while I had expected Quinn to be a lot brighter at figuring out the truth, it seems as if the writers are content at keeping him in the background for now because he immediately calls Dexter who, in turn enlists Dr Vogel (in whom he finally confesses about his recent souring relationship with Debra and highlights some of the reasons for it) to help out.

Speaking of Dr. Vogel, this not-so-innocent-new-mom receives two packages- tiny black boxes beautifully tied up with red satin bows reading ‘His’ and ‘Hers’ which contain thoughtfully cut out pieces of the brain (great). So Dexter realises that the new brain surgeon killer is onto him and yet he has no idea who this person is (and neither do we, which is strange, because every season so far the audience has known before Dexter does, exactly who it is he is up against).

So Dexter tracks down a former patient of Dr. Vogel’s who turns out to be a different sort of murderer. A cannibal who loves to stew human flesh and marinate brains (just yuck. But now we get the reference. What’s eating Dexter Morgan?).

See what we did there? Haha.

Interesting question: exactly how many of Dr Vogel’s former patients have turned out to be murderers and psychopaths so far? Three, if we count the still-anonymous brain surgeon. That is not very professional, doctor. Perhaps it is time to re-examine some of those unorthodox treatment methods of yours?
Unless you’re the psychopathic serial-killer you claim to be so afraid of yourself?

We’ll just have to stay tuned to find out!

PS: Where is Yvonne?

Don’t stop watching! I’m on my way.

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