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I am sorry for the dead silence for the past week. I have a list of reasons to explain the why. No, really I do.

I am back in college. I’m in the final year of my engineering now which means lots of stress from a lot of different sources, especially since I am still clueless about the ‘what next?’ part.

And if that wouldn’t stop me from reading and reviewing, there’s the added fact that my hostel internet has developed dead pockets which means I am reduced to trudging into other people’s rooms with my laptop in hand, just for five minutes of Facebook time.

I do have a line-up of unread books but they’re going to have to wait, as is my blog. Its hard to keep myself from picking one up and just diving in but there are more important things waiting for now.

Still, I am trying to find time to read, one chapter at a time. Usually at bedtime. So I am currently reading A Song of Ice and Fire Book Five: A Dance with Dragons. I love it, despite its slow pace. There’s a lot of character development here. I’ll review it sometime soon. Hopefully in the coming week!

Until then, stay happy!

Au revoir


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