Just Ugh: OR Catching Up With Dexter Season 8 Episodes 4-6

Yes, that’s the title I am gonna go with for this post. Sorry, I couldn’t think of a better one.

I just spent the past three hours catching up on my missed episodes of Dexter and feeling a lot of frustration build up inside me; partly because I’m just tired and partly because Dexter wasn’t doing anything for me.

I had had so many hopes for this final season and the way it will unfurl but they’re all proving to be utterly useless. These last three Dexter episodes were full of pointless spin-offs, thin stories, annoying character development, loopholes and disappointments. Quinn continues to be DENSE despite the fact that he has literally had a thousand clues shoved up his nose by now. I’ve always wanted his character to have a bigger role, ever since I noticed that he was a regular (which took a long time to figure out, considering how pointless his scenes usually are). But this being the final season, I thought Batista and Quinn would finally get down to business and start edging closer to the truth instead of staying so hopelessly off-key but there is absolutely nothing happening there. Some of the scenes played out in such a way that I was yawning while I watched and surfing Pinterest on the right half of my laptop window.

Masuka suddenly got a daughter. I think its a little too late to give Masuka more space on the series. What is the point of him suddenly having a daughter? I hope there is a point somewhere and this isn’t just a way to start giving the characters a kind of closure. Dr. Vogel seems the most erratic, fickle-minded doctor you could ever come across. First she spent episodes talking about codes and the natural order of serial killers, not to mention the fact that she gives her spare time over to police investigations, but now she’s thinking of letting Dexter have an intern. Yes, the new character Zach who tracks down his father’s mistresses and murders them and seems to love the sights and smells of blood. He is slightly creepy, which I think is a good thing but for some reason I kept trying to redeem him in my head while Dexter was trying to figure him out. That was because it seemed to easy and obvious for him to actually be the killer.

Speaking of killers, I hated the way in which the brain surgeon killer plot was tied up. It was simply too cliche. Dexter finds a collection of women’s shoes in the brain surgeon killer’s (I don’t remember the name) closet but he’s spying on Dexter all this while. Then he goes paranoid and takes off, only to come back and kidnap Dr. Vogel in a bid to attract Dexter. Dexter traces him down after a few dozen tedious shots and then he gets killed (I did like the way Dexter killed him though). I mean, I was expecting him to cut off a toe from Dr. Vogel’s foot but then I realized I was watching Dexter, not Game of Thrones.

Even though they tried to spice things up a little, it didn’t seem to work. I did not see the point of Debra trying to kill her brother and herself by steering the car off a bridge and into the waters, only to realize a minute later that she couldn’t do it, and then saving Dexter. How did she even save him so quickly, is my question? One second she’s swimming towards the car and Dexter is submerged beneath the water’s surface and the next second she is pulling him out by the waist. When did she open the door,untie the seatbelt and pull her much -heavier brother out? It makes no sense why that shot was the end of an episode because I didn’t even get the point of the whole scene though I enjoyed Dexter getting angry on Debra, for a change and her trying to reach out to him instead of vice versa. Well okay, I liked the Debra-Dexter bonding that happened later on. It was cute and only when I saw them having steak and beer in Dexter’s home did I realize I’d missed those scenes from earlier seasons when that’s what those two used to do, all the while discussing some case they were working on.

I also did not understand the reason for the whole dating spin-off. Dexter had one date with a pretty neighbor which he blew off, one which he actually went to (which was kind of funny but very awkward) and then an encounter where he sees his potential new love interest with a new guy and awkwardly shuffles off. Why? What was the point?

By this time I was so exhausted of trying to figure out if these frayed threads tied up in any way or if they just went around in circles and left us with a squishy, jumbled up shapeless picture, that I didn’t even bat an eyelid when Yvonne’s Hannah finally waltzed in at the end of the last episode, having poisoned both Dexter and Debra. Oh yes, that’s what she does. Yawn.

Its nearly two am now. I am sleepy but don’t want to turn in because I don’t want to wake up. I just want to curl up and sleep for hours but I probably won’t be able to because my body clock wakes me up at nine nowadays. Good thing its Sunday. Oh and Sunday means another Dexter episode though we have to wait until our Monday for USA to catch up.

Never mind, I ain’t psyched anymore!

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