Creative Cauldron

If you could go back by say, a century and try to explain to someone that they can have this virtual SPACE where they can keep a diary, record events, share ANYTHING they could ever imagine: poems, stories, photographs, recipes, art, music and other people will SEE it and JUDGE it and give them live, real-time feedback; how do you think they’d react?

It’ll be the weirdest thing.

It still is, it always will be.

People have talents; most of them unexplored and untapped. Many people are just too lazy to delve in but there are many others who’ve never had a decent outlet. And yet, here’s something which lets you be ANYTHING you could ever have wanted with minimal effort.

How mind-boggling, out of the world is the Internet, to begin with, social media to  be more specific and blogging in particular- where you are your own critic and your own editor and incharge, in short of EVERYTHING you post up. I think this is something big and IMPORTANT. If you’re seriously committing to a blog, you are taking on a responsibility to put something into the world- and how that something turns out may not even be in your hands after a while, may not even be in your control. SO much going on in the world and you can add to it. Its not a joke. Its a big thing. A big, enormous, wonderful thing; no matter how many hits your blog gets, if you’re writing, SOMEBODY, SOMEWHERE is reading.

The magnitude of what blogging really is hit me fully when I read The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman- a book that talks of globalization and inter-connected lives through the eyes of the internet. That was the first time I woke up to the power of what this thing has become and how far it is going to go.

When I was in school and the blogging phenomena was on a rise, lots of different people would tell me, ‘You write well, you should blog.’ I was told to put up my stories and poems on my blog but that just didn’t seem like a good idea at first because I was scared I’d get copied (look how paranoid and conceited) and plagiarism has always just scared me…like it scares all people who like to create things, no matter how small.

And yet, for some reason I reached out and made a blog. Even the decision of WHERE to make a blog was somewhat random and hasty and settling on WordPress was mostly an impulse. But since April 2010, this blog has become something. It means something to me and every time I get a hit or a subscriber, my heart bubbles. I don’t care how slow I grow, I don’t even mind being stagnant for a while. I never seem to have ENOUGH time to devote to my blog; many things I think of doing here are things I might never end up doing, atleast not the way I have chalked out in my head. But I cannot STOP posting here. Its not just the happiness; I won’t lie to you and say that its just about my own writing, without caring for views. I do care for views and likes and comments and subscribers and all the things every other blogger cares about. Its important but so is the personal happiness I get, just from WRITING.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

How we perceive ourselves changes but one fact always remains true: perceptions are relative. They are not in our control. When I see my own blog, I see a gradient. I began by putting up some short stories, a lot of poems and a few random journal-like entries but off late I have been trying my hardest to veer my blog into a sort of drink-your-coffee-and-read-the-review kind of blog for books and shows. So I am beginning to enjoy this new, mostly-imagined image that I am developing.

And I love drawing inspiration from other people’s blogs and vlogs…it helps build a lot of positive energy inside you when you see someone successful doing what they love all the time!

And so, I don’t think I am ever going to get off the blog-o-sphere, now that I have jumped on this bandwagon I wish to ride it all the way to the end of the rainbow. 😀

Creative cauldron 

Remember Harry Potter? OF course you do. While Potions were what Harry dreaded the most, I think they’re a great way of understanding the magic of creation. You put creative things in (the way J.K Rowling came up with a huge, never-ending variety of things to make potions with is highly inspiring, to begin with), and what results is the end product of magic. A blog is something like that. You can control it up until a point but then you’ve just got to wait and see where the magic takes you!

That is the reason why I love BlueLoft: its name and creation was something of a happy accident and it’s given me a way to become something new; it gives me my Internet identity a hundred times more than any social network profile ever can! THAT, in my eyes, is what Blue Loft means.

So there you go.  🙂

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